Saturday, May 8, 2010

Reggae Infinity

What I learned first last night: Keyboards have a steel drum setting.

Reggae Infinity is a band out of Columbia, S.C. They introduced themselves by saying, "We're here to bring you positive vibrations with reggae music."

The performance was part of the North Charleston Arts Festival. The week-long event held a children's festival, a film screening, and tons of music. Gospel, Irish, Australian, you name it. The main event of the festival was held at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center. Four stages showcased music, and the rest of the venue housed photography, crafts, and other art.

The event was described as "sensory overload."

The reggae block party was one of the concluding shows of the North Charleston Arts Festival. It was held in the re-vamped Park Circle area. Olde North Charleston--more specifically the part of East Montague Avenue past North Charleston High, that's home to EVO, Madra Rua, and The Mill--is becoming a popular hang out. All the street's businesses opened their doors for the block party. Cork even served drinks in to-go cups. Music blasted until 10 p.m.

Block parties are becoming more prevalent in Olde North Charleston. Cop cars park horizontally, a stage is erected, and chairs are set up in the street. The crowd thickens, but ample room is left for dancing.

And speaking of dancing: What I learned second on Friday night was the difference between 13 and 23. At 13, dancing in front a crowd with your mother is totally embarrassing. At 23, it's fun.

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