Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holy City Artists and Fleas

Flea markets to me have always been about old tires, do-it-yourself furniture, boiled peanuts, and black kittens. Read: My grandmother dragged me to the Ladson Flea Market in the heat one too many times when I was younger.

Eye Level Art has a whole new take on those things. Every month the art gallery opens its doors to jewelry makers, shoe designers, and consignment shops to give artists a start. Holy City Artists and Fleas showcases the off-the-beaten-path talent in Charleston.

The monthly event started in June and has grown. With 19 vendors and counting lined up to sell their goods on Saturday, you're sure to find something more interesting than a refurbished bike tire.

Stella Maris makes what she calls Affirmation Bracelets. Hand-hammered bronze reassure their wearers with phrases like "I'm my favorite person" and "I take in the light." Her line, Polyester Stella, centers around bronze metal-working. A metal her website says "Copper bracelets have been worn for thousands of years. Copper inhibits the growth of bacteria. It is natural and the most recyled industrial metal world wide."

Love Me Again Clothing offers "ever so lovely vintage and gently loved clothing for women, men, and even the little loved ones."

Taashki Handbags come in both the leather and the vegan varieties.

Charleston Fashion Week Emerging Designer Jamie Lin Snider will also have her designs for sale this Saturday.

The event starts at 10 a.m. at Eye Level Art. 103 Spring Street.

Photos courtesy of Eye Level Art.

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